Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chest Mounted Lance Thrower?

Here is my first sketch for a two-hand-operated chest mounted lance thrower.

The design is based on the pencil launcher of course, but with the power of both arms, this will be one terrifying weapon.

I hope that I can launch the heavy aluminum tubes with steel spikes (45 cm total length, = 18") at 50 m/s (164 fps). That would be 143 Joules = 105 of energy, with tremendous penetration potential.

My goal is to make this the world's most powerful muscle-operated, one man portable repeating weapon!


  1. Yeah! This is more like the Joerg we all know and love! Add a laser for aiming, and explosive tipped arrows.

  2. Laser aiming, maybe... but explosive tips, no, not my domain. I only use muscle powered things and stay away from firearms and expolsives.

  3. Should you build it, you must, if you still can fit, wear the old armor in your photograph for when you video tape the demonstration. I think this is a neat design and hope you build it.

  4. Our muscles allow us to bench press and vertical lift great weight, but what muscle group would we develop to pull a massive load to our chest? Arm curls?

  5. Rows. I can do about 130 kg.