Sunday, January 30, 2011

"The Edge" - new Phoenix variation


lots of people asked me if i had a design for a boardcut that has no curves, just edges. Obviously straight cuts are easier for people than curves.

OK, I designed a variation of the Phoenix. No curves! Rounding is easy, too. The attachment is old but unusual, I used it on my Carbon fiber slingshot and also on a steel frame I shot in Alverton. My bands lived forever! I think the design is responsible for this, in part.

I laminated scrap wood to it to make the palm swell, looked nice but the color was very bleak. So I inked it, this time in maize yellow. After sanding and linseed oiling, I think it is quite pleasing. Attached some light training bands.

A public domain design, pdf can be found in the related thread at!

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